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Auto Detailing

After one visit at Strong Automotive, your car will look factory-fresh and showroom ready! Our auto detailing services are second to none. We’ll flawlessly execute a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finish on your vehicle inside and out.

You’ll love the results! Call us today at (416) 225-4011 for more information.

Full-Service Auto Detailing Shop

We are a full-service auto detailing shop with the skills and resources to complete projects, both large and small. Some of our most frequently requested services are:

  • Upholstery repair
  • Wheel repair
  • Scratch removal
  • Exterior waxing
  • Ceramic coating
  • And much more

We’re happy to accommodate special requests. We’ll also gladly customize your detailing package to include precisely what you want to enhance your vehicle’s appearance.

Seasoned Car Detailers

At Strong Automotive, we’re not just car detailers—we’re car enthusiasts who love what we do. Car detailing is our passion. We’re meticulous craftsmen who go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction on every project. We treat every vehicle like it’s our own—with the utmost respect and care. Over the years, we’ve honed our techniques and practices so that today, they are second to none. Rest assured, your four-wheeled pride and joy is in good hands with us.

Premium Car Detailing Services

We’re extremely selective about the products we use because we’re extremely selective about the results we deliver. Among our inventory, we carry a wide selection of specially formulated products, ranging from fabric shampoos to commercial-grade paint sealants. Every car that passes through our garage doors receives customized care. We use the best products that will deliver longer-lasting, easier-maintenance results.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Are you nostalgic about how your car looked the first day you bought it? Our exterior detailing services will bring you back to your new-purchase love of your vehicle. Using premium detergents and acid-free degreasers, we’ll break down dirt and soil to bring out the original color and shine of your car’s finish. We’ll tailor your services to your car—using special techniques and tools based on your vehicle’s surface type and condition.

From there, we’ll protect that freshly cleaned finished with the finest waxes, polishes, and sealants on the market. For our clients who want to winterize their vehicle for heavy use, we can apply protective coatings that will safeguard your exterior from salt and sand.

Interior Car Detailing

The same superior attention we give to the exterior of your vehicle—we give to the interior, too. Over the years, we’ve mastered the art of cabin detailing for all sorts of materials, including:

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Carbon fiber composites
  • Plastics
  • And much more

We’ll scrub and buff your car’s cabin, effectively eliminating years’ worth of wear and tear. You’ll love the results!

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Treat your vehicle to a day at the spa. Strong Automotive exists to uncover the fullest potential of your vehicle. Using top-quality products and techniques with a proven track record of success, we’ll reveal the original beauty of your car hiding underneath the dirt, grime, and scratches.

Rediscover your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with us today.

We are relocating to our body shop location at 91 Glen Cameron Road in Thornhill as of June 1st 2024.
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